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By reading, use or download of information of these pages no brief relation comes off. Also we do not give legal advice via Internet.

The law office Guenet is responsible for contents and updating of these pages. For possible deviations of these pages from the original texts concerning completeness and correctness the law office Guenet excluses liability, especially regarding the technical features of the world wide web.

The office Guenet is responsible for its own contents as content provider in accordance to 5 Abs.1 Teledienstgesetz (TDG) from 22.07.1997.

For contents of possible hyperlinks to other sites the office Guenet is not responsible, except that it has positive knowledge of illegal or punishable contents, and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent use of these contents ( 5 Abs. 2 TDG). According to the Teledienstgesetz it is not reasonable for content providers, to constantly check contents and modifications of hyperlinks. In case of positive knowledge of illegal or punishable contents the content provider has to delete these hyperlinks as soon as reasonable an technically possible.

Lawyers and advertisement

These pages intend to give information about our activity to persons, firms and associations which are searching a suitable law firm. After the fundamental decision of the BVerfG of 14.07.1987 a general advertising prohibition for lawyers in Germany does not exist. The lawyer/attorney is in accordance with 1 BRAO an independent organ of jurisprudence and practices a free occupation and no trade ( 2 BRAO). With these principles it cannot be agreed that the attorney advertises like a tradesman. A legal basis for interventions into the liberty of the practise of the profession is given in 43b BRAO. The problem of the advertising prohibition concretizes on the question, which limits 43b BRAO sets to the right to advertise. Based on Art. 12 I GG 43b BRAO the advertising prohibition limits to the prohibition of "misleading advertisement" and "direct advertisement for practice", which covers comparison with colleagues. These principles apply also to the Internet within the Federal Republic of Germany.


Information, which you send us by e-mail unencrypted, can be read, stored and purpose-alienated from third. For this no liability is taken over.


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